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We are environmentaly aware...

Here at Pure Plumbers we take environmental issues very seriously. We were the first Plumbing company to sign up for the "Solar for London" Project way back in July 2001.

And we act on it!

Water conservation is very important to us, we can provide very specific information with regards to. Rain water Harvesting, Grey water use, for both toilet flushing, garden irrigation. We can also carry out feasibility studies for the best system to use and savings calculations.

Solar hot water calculation (how much could you save in a year) The best type of panels for your needs, there are now a variety of different makes, some better than others.

We work closely with Ech2o a water conservation organisation that offers advise to governments, architects, local Authorities and Individual clients to guide them on conservation issues.

Mark Elliott Our company Director has taken an MSC in Environmental Architecture, to forward our understanding of sustainable methods and products.

We are proud to announce that all our vehicles will soon be running on bio-diesel Yet another first in our industry.

How can I reduce water wastage?

A bath uses around 80 litres of water whereas showers use an average
of only 30 litres.

Save time, water and energy by taking a shower.

Green FAQ

Is it possible to re-use grey water for garden use?
Yes it is! Get in touch to find out how
Is there a way I can improve my heating efficiency and heating bill?
Sometimes! We can advise you on if this is possible and if its likely to make a real difference
How are you green?
We act on our awareness, for example; we are converting all our vans to bio-diesil, a first in our industry!

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